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Company history in the part of beauty



Yana Farm produces the first natural handmade soaps of goat milk. Now we have many type of beauty product from goat milk such as Soap, Lotion, Facing cream, Face sun block, Facing Form, Shampoo and Hair Treatment. A warm market reception encourage us beauty product. The future plan of market has to expand our production in high quality spa product for customer. Yana Farm has planned to produce the product “SPA AT HOME ” which embodies the product. Our product is make only highest quality products by selecting the best natural ingredients with an emphasis on natural healing herbs and essential oil. You will enjoy balancing your body with product of Goat milk.






   Goat milk Soap 


Our soaps are made from Goat Milk, which is rich in vitamin E, to help promote the younger look and feel of your skin soft and smoothing.


Tomato Soap


Enrich your daily face and leave your skin refreshing feeling totally cleansed and refreshed.



Cucumber Soap


Enrich your daily face and leave your skin Regenerating.



Curcuma Soap


Enrich your daily face and leave your skin refreshing 



   Hair Treatment Goat milk


Hair Treatments are best used once a week. They provide your hair with deep penetrating moisture that give body, shine and alleviates. Use them on regular basis to improve the texture and health of your hair.




Wash hair first, they apply generous amount of hair treatment. Message your hair and scalp and use wide tooth comb to get the end of your hair.

Leave in for approximately 5-30 minutes, and then rise thoroughly .Turn the water off if you are going for 30 minute treatment and save some of our precious water.



Body Cream


Goat milk cream is very rich, non-greasy and gently moisturizing. It works deeply to tone and balance your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.


Body Lotion


A wonderful skin softener .This intensive formula is light and absorbed quickly. Leaving your skin is silly, smooth and radiant.



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